Launch Dutch Centre

for Circular Textiles

Material District

12 March from 11-13h

Dutch Center for

Circular Textiles

Wieland Textiles, Loop.a life, Salvation Army (Reshare) and the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam | Zaanstad have joined their forces to make new textile products from local post consumer textile waste streams. In order to upscale and increase impact they set up the Dutch Center for Circular Textiles (DCCT) . The objective of DCCT is to make the fashion and textile industry more sustainable by setting up a new production facility and innovation lab in the Metropol Region of Amsterdam | Zaanstad. Through the partnership of these organizations important parts of the local textile chain are connected: meaning collecting, sorting and producing high value textile resources like fibers, yarn, knitwear and felt. From these new materials new clothing and interior products are made. 

You are invited for the launch of DCTT at Material District. The launch is on Tuesday 12 March at 10:45 hrs – 13h in the Textile Fablab.

We especially look for launching customers and brands to co-create with! 


It’s time for a change

Fashion and textile is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The biggest challenge is that until 2030 the production of clothing will increase with 60%, while the quality and the number of times we wear a piece of clothing will decrease. We need to find qualitative solution for these waste streams and the change does not go fast enough. The big question is what we can do about it ourselves,

not only in China or Bangladesh or South America, but also here in Europe and even in the Netherlands. One of the most sustainable ways to produce textiles is to recycle.In the Netherlands we have a huge amount of local raw materials that we can use to get started. We have 235 ktons of textile waste, the vast majority of which are still being burned or downcycled, while we can make beautiful products of this material.

Circular textile hub

The partners of DCCT want to close the local | regional textile chain by realizing a circular textile hub; a physical development environment with a new production facility and innovation lab where we, together with a growing group of partners, develop new solutions for important local residual flows. DCCT wants to work together with existing producers, designers, brands and chain stores that see the importance and necessarily of circular textile production and are also willing to work together. 

Launch of the Dutch Center for Circular Textile

morning program March 12, from 10:30 - 13:00h

Fashion and textile is one of the world’s most polluting industries. Until 2030 it’s expected that the production of clothing will increase with 60%, leading to a huge increase of local post consumer textile streams. Time is running out and we need to find sustainable innovative solutions.

The companies Wieland Textiles, Salvation Army (ReShare), Loop.a life and Zaanstad | MRA, joined forces to set up the Dutch Centre for Circular Textiles. The objective of this initiative is to make the fashion and textile industry more sustainable by setting up a new production facility and innovationlab in Zaanstad | Metropole Region of Amsterdam.


Moderators: Ellen Mensink & Danielle Schouten

10:30 - Walk-in

11:00 - Launch Dutch Centre for Circular Textiles

Initiators: Hans Bon (Wieland Textiles) - Simon Smedinga (Leger des Heils, ReShare) Els Lenting (Zaanstad), Ellen Mensink (Loop. a life).

Presentation on DCCT ambitions & activities and the potential of local circular production chain, Ellen Mensink, Director Loop. A life

11:15 - Presentation on the future of collecting textiles streams, Simon Smedinga, Director Salvation Army (ReShare)

11:30 - Dialogue ‘on the power of brands and designers and the possibilities for local circular textile production’

Irma Borgsteede, Stichting Fashion made in Holland

Monique Collignon, Pure
Suzan Jacobs, Voormalig Hoofd Design Steps
Ellen Mensink, Loop.a life

12:00 - A presentation about the start of the DCCT Els Lenting, Projectleider Circular City Zaanstad

Live video streaming to see a Dutch innovation on post consumer sorting in action: the Fibersort machine. Hans Bon, Director Wieland Textiles

12:30 - Panel discussion ‘on the future of the Dutch circular textile production’

Annemieke Kosters, Director Enschede Textielstad

Tynke van den Heuvel, Director Studio Wae

Marten Boels, Program manager circularity MRA

13:00 - End

Looking forward to see you in

the Textile Fablab at Material District!

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